a. The Emphasis Is On Client Satisfaction

At the heart of all our operations is the commitment to complete all our projects to the complete satisfaction of the clients, while meeting – or even bettering – specified time schedules. We implement strict Quality and Time Management techniques while constantly endeavoring to maintain a high level of business performance. Because we believe in truly effective partnerships with our clients, marked by integrity and dependability on both sides, we are very particular about the projects we undertake. Before we agree to a contract, we thoroughly investigate the prospective client, its reputation, its financial credibility and its previous track record. In many instances, where we have not been fully satisfied, we have declined to accept a project. This is because we are fully aware of our responsibility to protect the buyers’ interests as well.

B . The Inputs We Give Are Vital

Hayderali & Company’s dedication to client satisfaction, reflected by the importance it gives to exhaustive studies of prevailing market dynamics, as well as of buyers’ needs and preferences, explains its highly successful performance in the demanding and ever-changing real estate market.

We burn a lot of midnight oil before any new project sees the light of day. Prior to taking on any new challenge, we conduct our own feasibility studies, particularly on important aspects such as how much profit can effectively be generated, cash flow patterns, buyers’ investment preferences, etc. Occasionally, our input may go so far as recommending structural changes to the proposed edifice in order to improve its marketability potential. This is where our company’s cumulative experience of handling more than 200 mega projects and countless buyers is of immeasurable importance.

c. The Modus Operandi Proven Most Effective

Our team begins each new assignment with an exhaustive orientation session with the client’s team, their architectural and engineering consultants and other relevant personnel. Primarily, we attempt to understand the aims and objectives of our clients, while offering guidance on what aspects of the project may be projected as its Unique Selling Propositions.

In consultation with the client, we then develop a strategic marketing plan that best meets their objectives. This includes advice on promotional strategy and the marketing tools most suitable for maximizing the success of each individual project. In certain cases, we may proffer advice also on payment schedules and installment breakup, as well as terms and conditions of sale of units to the buyers.

d. The Promotional Tools That Optimize Success

While marketing the project remains our core responsibility, the effectiveness of the advertising campaign and selection of promotional media are vital to achieving the stipulated objectives. For this reason, we have set up our own dedicated in-house advertising unit staffed by a team of communications experts who have unbeatable experience in this challenging specialty area. They include professionals highly qualified in the creative aspects, media planning and buying, and campaign execution.

Through the years, we have produced and launched some memorable advertising campaigns, with budgets ranging from moderate to huge, that have not only caught the public imagination but, more importantly, have resulted in expeditious and successful marketing of the projects. Print Advertising is usually considered the most efficient and cost-effective media to project the desired message to the target customers, while the actual placement and positioning by publications savvy media planners is of great tactical importance.

Electronic Media Advertising, while relatively more expensive in terms of cost per targeted customer reached, has proven invaluable in promotion of residential and commercial projects where image building has been the critical factor. We possess all the technical facilities and expertise for the production of impactful and effective TV commercials, while our expert media planners ensure maximum viewership through strategic selection of channel and timing.

Outdoor Advertising is occasionally selected for the bigger projects with larger budgets, when the objective is to achieve high visibility and reach the maximum number of people. Here, the major factor in achieving effectiveness is the strategic location of the billboard. We plan and develop creative concepts and then launch visually outstanding outdoor campaigns, while providing the most sought-after sites.

e. The On-Site Services

When we take on a project, the terms vary – from limited contracts, where we handle the marketing up to and including the recovery of the first three installments from the buyers, to comprehensive contracts, where we handle all the ground details from the launch stage through to the handing over of possession to the buyers.

Our teams of marketing and selling experts staff the project site office from the launch day through to completion of our contract and provide detailed information to prospective buyers about its USPs and other advantages.

On-time recovery of the payments is the most important aspect of marketing a project. This requires an expert approach, while tactful handling is of the essence. Our decades-long cumulative experience gives us a unique edge in this sensitive area of operations. Our team is highly trained in the techniques of convincing the buyers about the advantages of maintaining the agreed payment schedules.

f. Comprehensive Services! Resources

In providing real estate and consultancy services, Hayderali & Company utilizes a team approach, coordinating diverse skills from our in-house client service professionals. Clients are provided with seamless services designed to achieve their unique goals and objectives.